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Princess Lessons for the Modern Day Lady: Cinderella

1. Listen for the Birds

Listening is the act of receiving and interpreting messages. If anyone deserves an A+, it's Cinderella. Not only did this chick listen to the incessant requests and needs of her Step-Mother and always nagging Step-Sisters, but she took the time to listen to what was around her. Cinderella was charming because she listened and communicated with the nature when humans wouldn't. {in ref. to Disney's Cinderella} And when it came down to it, those birds and mice pulled their magical craftiness together to create Dress #1. Tip: If listening is tough, start with the birds. Listen in and focus on the spring chirping while you drown out everything else.

2. Work just to Work

Pre-Prince Charming, Cinderella didn't have a fabulous life. She didn't experience glamour on a daily basis, but she did know how to work. Cinderella developed skills without an end game. She didn't know what her outcome was, but she worked diligently despite having some not so great tasks to do. I'm sure she didn't quite know how to do everything that was asked of her, but she figured it out and she learned new experiences along the way. Instead of fighting back, she sang during her tasks and made the most out of where she was. Tip: get the most out of every experience by being present. 

3. Nothing Happens Overnight...& always leave an impression.

Cinderella wasn't born a princess. She developed her listening skills, charm, and allure in a tough situation even when she had no reason to. She could have been angry and pouty, but instead she chose to be kind. She wavered through forced servitude while remaining attentive to people who had no care for her. And yes, Cinderella did have a magical night, but it was her captivating kindness and beauty that truly enchanted the heart of Prince Charming. Even when Fairy Godmother was out of the picture, Prince Charming was scouring the town looking for a girl that he knew nothing about other than her shoe size because her 4-hour impression on him was worth looking for. You don't develop charm like that overnight. Tip: you'll know if a real Prince Charming shows up because he'll have your missing shoe and a new pair in your size. 

Listen. Work Hard. Be Kind.
— Heather Okimoto