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Party Gras Nuptials

Last year I got asked to style my first Wedding Shoot for Uptown Planning. Owner and Creative, Ashley Kidder organized the most elegant list of artists and vendors including Denver's downtown Castle Marne as our backdrop. Talented photographer, Kyla Fear, captured the delicate charm of this styled photoshoot while showcasing the darkly vivid details including the unconventional Tarot Reader.

The gothic-lace inspired Emma + Grace gown set the tone for the rest of the wardrobing and I played with vintage fur, textures, and patterned suiting to create depth amongst the wedding party members. The Tarot Card Reader was a fun addition and I designed a feathered cloak that sat at the top of her shoulders while layering jewelry and adding gold and silver flash tattoos to her arms for a mystical feature. Shanon Faber fabricated delicate black 'lace' paper masks for the bridesmaids, and the accordion black and gold party dresses from the Denver Street Boutique provided the perfect opportunity for custom feather accented belts. 

And then Caleb Kohl put together the most beautiful video ever. Happy Wedding Season!